EIP Solution for Coal Mine Safety Monitoring

System Introduction

Coal is a major source of energy in the world. In China, there are more than 100, 000 coal mines and tens of millions of coal miners. However, due to outdated technology, inadequate management and lack of safety awareness, coal mine accidents are not effectively prevented, severely threatening the workerslives. Therefore, it is of top priority to improve coal production technology and safety monitoring measures.

System Requirements

The system is required to acquire the parameters that may have impact on coal production safety, such as gas concentration, underground water level, oxygen content, roof pressure and so on, and send them to the coal management center. Software is used to analyze the acquired data and determine if the data are up to standard, thereby determine if the mine is safe. EVOC solution provides you with a complete system for data acquisition, communication, software processing and warning.


Block Diagram


Hardware Requirements

1) The underground coal mine is humid, dark and dusty, so the computer must be moistureproof and dustproof.
2) To acquire real-time environmental parameters, the computer equipment must be highly endurable, stable and reliable to work for an extended period of time.
3) The floor of the coal mine is uneven, so the equipment must be easy to install and maintain.


EVOC Solution

Industrial PC: EVOC embedded computers are installed separately on the upper and lower ends of each underground coal mine tunnel to process acquired signals and perform software analysis.
Data Acquisition Module: ARK-24017, ARK-24018 and ARK-24052 acquire the data of ground water level, roof pressure, methane concentration, mine temperature, oxygen content, etc, and simultaneously acquire the wind pressure and flow of wellhead sensor and determine whether the wind turbine is running. ARK-24042 controls wind turbines and underground alarm system.
Field Meter and Instrument: pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, water-level sensor, methane concentration detector, oxygen content detector

EVOC Products

1) EVOC Industrial PC
A) EVOC Embedded Computer (Core 2 Duo level industrial PC)
Chassis: IPC-8421/6114P7/7270B
Motherboard: FSC-1814V2NA
Configuration: Core 2 Duo E6400/2G/250G/EVOC keyboard and mouse
B) EVOC Embedded Computer (Core 2 Quad level industrial PC)
Chassis: IPC-8421/6113LP4/7270B
Motherboard: FSC-1815V2NA
Configuration: Core 2 Quad /2G/160G/EVOC keyboard and mouse
2) EVOC ARK-24000 series remote I/O data acquisition module:
ARK-24017F---12-bit 8-channel analog input module
ARK-24018P---16-bit 8-channel thermocouple input module
ARK-24052D---8-channel digital input module
ARK-24042D---13-channel isolated digital output module
3) EVOC serial port expansion card: PCL-743B/745B

System Evaluation

EVOC industrial PC and acquisition modules are capable of real-time monitoring of the safety of each mine, and schedule and adjust production from time to time, so as to minimize accidents. Therefore, the coal mine safety monitoring system is strongly required for coal producers wishing to achieve safe and efficient production.


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