EIP Solution for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging System


System Introduction
The clinical application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Image (NMRI) is a revolution in medical imaging. It is another tomography following computed tomography (CT), type B ultrasonic diagnosis. Compared with CT, NMRI has the advantages of high-resolution tissue imaging, high-spatial resolution, non-invasive, etc. At the same time, with different contrast agents, it can detect the blood-stream change of blood vessel and heart. NMRI has been widely applied in clinical practice.

NMRI features three obvious characteristics:
1) Intelligence;
2) Increase speed;
3) Innovation application.


System Principle
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Image (NMRI), formerly referred to as magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), or as NMR zeugmatography imaging, is a non-invasive method used to render inside images of an object. It is primarily used in medical imaging to demonstrate pathological or other physiological alterations of living tissues.


NMRI system consists of magnet system, spectroscopy system, computer system and image display system. Magnet system comprises main magnet, gradient coil, shim coil and RF coil that is orthogonal to the main magnetic field. Magnet system is the main body where magnetic resonance occurs and signals are generated.


Spectroscopy system is a device generating magnetic resonance phenomena and adopting magnetic resonance signals. It consists of gradient field, control system, MR signal reception and control part. Computer image rebuild system requires large capacity, high speed computer and high resolution A/D converter, to complete data acquisition, accumulation, Fourier transformation, data processing and image display.


Block Diagram


System Configuration
Human-Machine Interface: PPC-1571 Panel PC
Host Computer:
Chassis: IPC-6805
Motherboard: FSC-1815V2NA
CPU: Intel® E8400
Memory: 2GB DDRⅢ
Hard Disk: 320G

The computer image reconstruction system of NMRI system demands computer system with large capacity, high performance and high reliability, and meanwhile supports high resolution, high speed and real-time display.


System Evaluation
1) High reliability;
2) Excellent image-processing performance;
3) Powerful calculation capability;
4) Trusted repair and maintenance services;
5) Professional after-sales services

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