EIP Solution for Electronic Tickets



System Introduction
To host large sports events, a stadium must accommodate a huge number of people, including audience, athletes, management and service personnel, etc. This raises such questions as how to verify their tickets and certificates, how to trace and check whether everyone has gone to appointed areas, how to remind and guide people to leave immediately when they enter forbidden zones, how to check real-time crowding status, how to trace and check suspicious people and their behaviors. These cannot be fully achieved with traditional usher and query management system, which at least poses some safety hazards. This is why we see it necessary to introduce an electronic ticketing system.


System Principle
Electronic ticket is a new type of high-tech ticket that is embedded with intelligent chip in paper card or other media. It facilitates rapid ticket check and verification, and achieves accurate positioning and tracing of the ticket holder. Its core is a chip with certain memory using RFID technology. The connection of this chip to a special antenna constitutes an electronic label, which is further made into a sophisticated electronic ticket when encapsulated in a special ticket card.


The electronic ticketing system mainly consists of electronic ticket, read/write device, field controller, centralized controller and data exchange/management center (equipped with software), etc. The system will photograph the face of the ticket holder when the ticket is read. The face recognition system uses skeleton recognition principle, with its fastest response time being 0.01s. At the same time, the system will read the entrant´s fingerprint and compare it with the one recorded when the ticked is sold.


The electronic ticket using RFID technology, as a data carrier, can identify and trace people, and acquire information. The electronic ticket is directly connected to the RFID system consisting of read/write device, field controller and application software. All people, including the audience, suspects, athletes and service personnel can be traced accurately. The electronic ticketing system can fulfill ticket management, access management, dynamic tracing and query functions. When it is used in conjunction with alarm system, CCTV monitoring system, emergency broadcasting system, patrol management system and parking management system, the functions such as audience ushering, query and hazard control can be optimized.


Block Diagram
The electronic ticket management system is a computer network system, consisting of the following functional units:
1) Ticket selling unit: ticket selling.
2) Ticket checking unit: check of ticket validity, fingerprint recognition and face recognition.
3) Central management unit: statistical reports, management of the whole system.
4) Ticket making unit: initialization of barcode tickets.
5) Auxiliary system: UPS power supply, video camera monitoring.



System Configuration
1) Ticket Checking Host: MEC-5005 embedded box PC
A) Low power, fanless design, chassis that dissipates heat naturally, anti-vibration, anti-shock, and good EMC capability;
B) 5.25" motherboard, Intel® Atom™ D510 1.66G/D410 1.66G, 2GB DDR2 memory;
C) 2 x PCI slot, 2 x Mini-PCI-E, dual 10/100/1000M LAN ports, 320G hard disk
D) 6 x COM port, 6 x USB 2.0 port

2) Server Host:
Chassis: IPC-8421/6114P4A/ATX 400W (multiple hard disk storage)
Motherboard: FSC-1815V2NAR
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad, Core™ 2 Duo, Celeron®E1000 and Celeron 400 series CPU
Memory: 4GB DDR3
Hard Disk: 1TB


System Evaluation
The electronic ticket has replaced the traditional ticket. It integrates ticket selling, checking and security. The advantages of electronic ticket include: large storage capacity, 3D read/write mode, easy for verification, long service life, small size and light weight, portability, high confidentiality, low requirement on network, antimagnetic, anti-static and anti-interference performance, etc. The ticket checking system and data server system employ EVOC´s motherboard and embedded box PCs, thus guaranteeing hardware stability.

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