Oil Field Metering Station Control System



System Introduction
Metering station is an important part of oil field. It is responsible for the three-phase metering of the liquid, oil and gas of each well, and provides oil reservoir engineering information for geological authority. The external segregator of oil field metering station separates natural gas, oil and water. In the segregator, the natural gas is at the top, the oil is in the middle and water at the bottom. If handled manually, the oil level is prone to be lower than oil outlet. In such cases, natural gas will leak from oil outlet, resulting in great losses. If the natural gas metering is manually measured by dual bellows differential gauges, the result is often inaccurate. To address this problem, it is advisable to adopt computer control system to automatically control and measure the oil level and natural gas.


The Structure of Metering Device of Oil Well

1) Working Principle
When a well has oil, after three-phase separation, crude oil flows into oil barrel. When oil surface reaches the above floating ball, the floating ball sends out signal and pneumatic diaphragm valve opens to discharge oil. The crude oil flows through online water content analyzer, sliding vane rotary flowmeter, diaphragm valve, etc. The separated water overflows through weir nozzle and enters into water collection barrel. Likewise, when water surface reaches the level of upper floating ball, diaphragm valve will open to discharge water. Water flows through meter and diaphragm valve. When oil or water level drops to the lower floating ball, diaphragm valve will close and start accumulating next barrel of oil or water. At the gas outlet of the top of segregator, there are temperature, pressure transmitter, filter, gas lobed rotor meter, automatic governor valve, check valve and so on. The oil feed pipeline of three-phase segregator is equipped with a set of drug-adding device that can continuously add demulsifier to the incoming oil in a controlled manner.


2) The Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) of metering station should has the following functions:
According to the commands of RTU man-machine interface or the remote commands of central control room, automatically switch one or more oil wells to metering position and start metering.
Metering procedure control: When one or more oil wells are switched to metering position, real-time acquire crude oil flow, water content ratio, natural gas flow, and complete metering over a certain time period (configured by RTU man-machine interface or central control room).
Metering calculation: When metering is finished, automatically calculate daily production of liquid, oil and gas according to the effective time of metering, accumulation of crude oil and natural gas flow, water content ratio.


3) Adopted Modules:
Adopts EVOC module to acquire data and control magnetic valve, A/D converter corresponds to oil level transmitter and natural gas flow transmitter.
ARK-24017 12-bit 8-channel analog data input (8-channel differential)
ARK-24060 4-channel relay output, 4-channel isolated digital input
Metering Station SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System
Link the RTU of each metering station with central control room to form Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA). Complete production monitor in central room. All the metering monitoring tasks are shifted to SCADA system of central control room. On the one hand, SCADA system is responsible for communicating with field RTU and manages real-time metering production; on the other hand, it transmits the production data and metering result to Management Information System (MIS) for analyzing and processing. SCADA comprises SCADA server, switch (or hub), printer, etc, constructing a local area network. To improve reliability, large-scale SCADA system usually employs two SCADA servers for hot backup as the core of SCADA system, and communicates with multiple metering stations through host broadcasting station with dual-server hot-backup.



System requirements
Chassis: IPC-810E/IPC-6114P7/PS-7270ATX
Motherboard: FSC-1815V2NA
Accessories: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E8400/2GB/500G


Metering Station Functions
Metering station SCADA performs data acquisition, metering configuration, metering flow process monitoring, metering result uploading, alarm management and so on. It mainly includes:
Module of automatic sequencing and selecting well: well and fix the metering time and method of each well, etc.
Module of metering process monitoring: real-time monitor the valve phase status, metering status and timer of each well, etc.
Module of displaying metering result: query and display metering result.
Module of uploading result and saving data: save dynamic acquisition data (temperature, pressure, flux, etc), metering result (fluid production, oil production, gas production, water content ratio, etc) to Management Information System (MIS) for later analysis and processing.


System Evaluation
The system has been put into practice in oil field. It real-time monitors the status of oil field production, finds out faults and potential accidents in time and automatically performs metering. It fundamentally changes the management mode of oil field production. The previous stations that required set duty and patrol have been superseded by unattended oil stations. Dispatching center has been replaced by automatic central control room in production control. The system not only reduces the number of employees, but also reduces the number of information statistical staff because all production information is processed by computers. It greatly improves production efficiency, mitigates labor intensity, saves energy, and offers scientific methods for the management of oil metering station


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