SPC-0101 Box PC Used in Transformer Substations

System Overview
With the developing of electric power industry, the automation degree of electric power equipments is increasing rapidly; communication management system of electric power is playing an important role in automation of transformer substations. It includes communication between acquisition control unit of local switch field and the surveillance management layer of transformer substation, communication between transformer substation and domestic dispatching center. Different automation system structure of transformer substation means different communication network configurations; they vary in communicating speed, reliability and expandability. As a response to the development trend of modern micro computer information technology, electric power management systems are required to have fast transmitting speed of all kinds of information and high reliability on both hardware and software.

System Principle
The structure of current automation management system of transformer substation is hierarchical distributed. Distributed structure usually includes the following three layers:

The 1st layer is the monitoring layer of transformer substation, which is responsible for the tasks of human-machine interaction, surveillance, management, control, etc;

The 2nd layer is communication processing layer, which is responsible for the communication management of lower layer local devices, and communication with far-end dispatching center, as well as acquisition, control and telemechanics function; EVOC SPC-0101 works as a hardware platform for communication management computer.
The 3rd layer is the acquisition, protection and control operating output of local analog, digital and pulse data, which is of distributed structure.

The communication among the above three layers is based on the Ethernet of communication management layer, the 485-bus in communication management layer and the general protective communication protocol in distributed devices control layer.


Communication System Block Diagram
The system structure is shown as below. It consists of multiple upper surveillance computers, two communication control computers, Modem and some local units. 


Features of SPC-0101:

  • Onboard low-power Intel Pentium-M or Celeron-M processor
  • Three onboard 100 Mbps network ports
  • Eight hi-pot RS-232/422/485 serial ports with isolator
  • Two RS-232 ports and two USB 2.0 ports
  •  One 2.5-inch hard disk and CF card bay
  • Supports dual-power-supply single voltage 12~30V DC input power supply, with redundant and warm backup function. 
  •  Operating Temperature: 0°C~50°C (-15°C ~60°C, optional)
  • Dimensions: 440(W)mm x 44(H)mm x 222(D)mm
  • Appearance: 19-inch rack-mount 1U standard box PC

System Configurations:
CPU: ULV Celeron-M 600M  Memory: 256M   Storage: CF card or 2.5-inch hard disk
Operating System: Win CE, XPE, Linux, and other embedded-specific systems

System Evaluation:
The system’s requirements on communication management computer have been fully meet by SPC-0101. The box PC is configured with multiple communication serial ports and multiple network ports, which can realize both information transmitting to upper surveillance computer and data acquisition, control and integrated protection to local units. The box PC is full compliant with inspection standards for electric power devices, such as: EMC, GB/T14598, GB/T17626 and IEC-60255 level III standards, etc. It has been proved that SPC-0101 is competent for the communication management computer in electric power automation system.

SPC-0101 exploits its high-reliability and customizability to the full in the successful application of the communication system of transformer substation. With this set of automation communication system, a small-scale transformer substation can realize unattended operation in certain duration, as well as decreasing labor cost and ensuring exact and timely information acquisition. It is able to keep running around the clock with much faster response speed.

The customized low-power fanless fully-sealed industrial computer released by EVOC company ensures long-lasting running, fully-sealed architecture, dustproof, dampproof and is free of mechanically running component inside and outside the box PC; its low-power solution consumes less than 30W power, which is 100W lower than each former computer of commercial platform; it turns out that more than 900 kilowatt-hours could be saved for each unit every year, which is fully compliant with the trend of conserving energy and reducing emissions.

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