EVOC Box PCs Used in TFDS System

To promote modernization of railway construction and ensure a leap-forward in railway development, Ministry of Railways has carried out structural reform to enhance transportation management and kept improving technical level. The ministry has also formulated the principle for the reform of train maintenance and repair: overall planning and step-by-step implementation starting from main railway lines. The goal of the reform of train maintenance is “combining specific train inspection and service points based on changes of transportation organizations to simplify operation procedures, promoting the shift from human inspection to machine inspection and from static to dynamic detection, and gradually achieving separation of maintenance and repair, as well as optimized combination of human and machines”. In order to perform real-time fault detection for the moving trains, help train inspection and service points boost fault detection rate, and replace human control with computer-based control, the Trouble of Moving Freight Car Detection System (TFDS) is used. The system applies machine vision technology to dynamic detection of key components related to train safety.

The TFDS is an intelligent system that integrates high speed digital image collection, real-time processing of mass image data and precise positioning pattern recognition technology. The application of TFDS realizes the transition from "manual detection and maintenance" to "computer-based detection, manual maintenance". It reduces the labor intensity of the train inspector, improves transportation efficiency and ensures transportation safety.

The TFDS system uses high speed video cameras to collect the images of a moving train, analyzes and processes them using computers to figure out the speed and type of the train, store the images of the key parts of the train and display them on computers, as well as print and transmit them. Also, the defects, fractures, losses and other faults of the parts and accessories of the train (such as vehicle bogie, brake device and coupler draft gear) can be detected in a computer-aided manner, so as to dynamically check the quality of the train.

The system consists of two parts: trackside image acquisition station and train detection center. The trackside image acquisition station is composed of wheel sensor, train number identification system, communication control processor, graphics server, high speed image acquisition device, light source compensation device, trackside equipment protection device and network transmission equipment. The detection center of train inspection and service points is composed of network transmission equipment, network server and image browsing terminal. The functions of the system are as follows:

1.  Automatically take pictures of critical parts of the train, such as bogie, brake device and coupler draft gear.
2.  Analyze the images and find out corresponding faults through human-machine cooperation.
3.  Automatically identify the train number, type and moof the train, and count axles and carriages.
4.  Automatically detect the speed of a running train.
5.  Read train number directly from Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) system.
6.  Automatically the reports commonly used by train inspection and service points.
7.  Intelligent identification of some faults.
8.  Realize centralized information sharing and warning system.




According to the demands and characteristics of railway freight car application, the system must meet the following requirements:
1. Multiple I/O ports;
2. High clock frequency of CPU, to process a large number of images;
3. Gigabit network transmission for a quick and smooth transfer of data to servers;
4. Unmanned applications require exceptional stability and self-recovery;
5. Strong vibration beside the rail requires excellent anti-vibration performance.

EVOC embedded PCs for railway 5T (THDS, TADS, TPDS, TFDS, TCDS) applications can be used in TFDS system. The product specifications are as follows: 
•Dimensions: 177mm (H) x 482mm (W) x 452mm (D)
•CPU: Core™2 Duo 2.4G/2.5G/2.6G/2.8G/3.0G (optional)
•Memory: 2G/4G (optional)
•Hard disk: 500G
•Optical drive: 18xDVD (optional)
•Network: 2 x RJ45 GB network port for connecting high-speed network-based cameras.
•Standard I/O: 2 x RS-232 serial port
•Backplane: compatible with 13-slot and 14-slot backplanes and supports ISA/PCI/PCI-E bus expansion, and convenient expansion of users’ I/O card and video acquisition card.
•Front panel: with LCD screen, supporting real time temperature monitoring and power supply/HDD operation status display
•Power supply: supports PS/2 power supply
•Others: two anti-shock binding strips
•Structure: with door lock control unit, and keyboard interfaces at both front and rear sides of the PC.
•System: supports Windows XP-embedded operating system


With humanized and industrial design tailored to field applications, EVOC box PCs meet the special needs of railway system:
1. EVOC’s unique EPI bus and its interfaces adopt European style connectors to replace gold finger connection, ensuring 360 degree contact, dust resistance, rugged structure, anti-vibration, resistance to certain weight, firm and stable connection. Therefore, EVOC box PCs are ideally suitable for vibration environment beside railways; 
2. The products feature rich expansibility, fully supporting convenient connection with various control cards, I/O cards and camera;
3. The products support truly high performance dual Gigabit Ethernet, which provides excellent network environment for the TFDS system.
4. The products support Windows XP embedded operating system and supports EWF system protection function which is specific to embedded systems, thereby meeting the requirements of unmanned applications for high stability and reliability;
5. The products support DOMs, and install the embedded operating system in the DOM to separate the system completely from data storage, which ensures system stability;
6. The built-in watchdog timer sends out reset signal through DB9 connector. And users can control the automatic restart of the PC with software or external signal, which meets the requirement of field application for system self-recovery.


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