Solution for Kitchen Cabinet Production Line

About Nobilia Company

Germany-based Nobilia Company is one of the largest professional kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the world. With over fifty years of experience and expertise, Nobilia Company is a market leader in the industry. As its business grows, Nobilia, adopting high performance industrial PCs as its central control unit, has launched several modern kitchen cabinet production lines these years. The new production lines being launched, Nobilia has significantly increased its production capacity. The new line alone can reach a daily capacity of 2700 sets.



All-in-one workstation EWS-845E featuring high performance and high integration was put into service in the new production line of Nobilia, generating significant profits for the company and strengthening its leading position in the industry.


System Introduction

Modern kitchen cabinet production lines have raised higher requirements for equipment manufacturers, such as high performance, network, and real-time control, and visual management, all these features cannot be reached by traditional equipments. Integrating acquisition, control, communication and decision making into one, high-performance human-machine interface products, including flat panel computers and all-in-one workstations, have become the preferred equipments for new production lines. In a highly competitive market, Nobilia must instantly respond to personalized demands of the customers and provide high quality solutions. EVOC all-in-one workstation meets such flexible production mode, and its hardware control platform is always standard one, not depending on different tasks, and providing rich connectivity and expansibility. Along with application software system, highly integrated workstation will make engineering work easier, more efficient and provide total solution for future businesses.


System Principle

Nobilia production line includes sections of goods acceptance, assembly line, processing center, PDA and goods delivery, and also includes application software of real time supervision system, PLC multi-task system and NC Axis control system. Take the chamfer system of the front board of kitchen cabinet for example, the controller of chamfer system receives the order, which includes necessary process data, and the data will be analyzed and processed by professional software, then give out the precise parameters, and then it will be sent to frequency converter and server controller by the central control unit, the axis control system software will handle the axis movement control on a real time basis, at the same time achieve the diagnosis function, report the status of working procedure, and finally give feedback to ERP system.


Block Diagram



System Configuration

For example, the chamfer system of the front board of kitchen cabinet, which adopts EWS-845E as its central control unit, has the following configuration:
15″ high brightness LCD screen, and the brightness, contrast is adjustable, with standby energy saving mode, and extensible touch screen;
19″ standard rackmount structure;

Additional small door panel on the front board, favored dustproof and switch protection;
Multi-purpose Membrane keyboard (48 data input keys and 10 function keys);
Two front standard USB ports.
Features of main controller board:
Core™ 2 Quad ,Core™ 2 Duo processor;
2G memory;
Multi-I/O: 8 x USB, 2 x RS232, 1 x GPIO, 1 x parallel port, 2 x LAN, 4 x SATA etc.
Expansion modules:
Wireless network card;
Industrial BUS module;
Sensor module;
Collection module.


System Evaluation

New production line of Nobilia adopts EVOC EWS-845E human-computer interface product as the central control unit. Compared with the expensive equipment used during the overall lifecycle of kitchen cabinet, these equipments only account for a small part of the total cost. As a whole, EWS-844V provides a standard control platform, reserves space for customization, improves the flexibility of the total control system, speeds up the response, significantly enhances the production efficiency, and strengthens Nobilia’s leading position in the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry.







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