EVOC’s embedded technology has been wiy applied in such fields as computer control in power plants, transformer substation automation, power grid dispatching automation, power load management, MIS (management information system), CAD (computer aided design) and scientific experiments. These applications include SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), EMS (Energy Management System), QA and MIS.

EIP Solution for SINOPEC Gas Station IC Card System

A nationwide project that runs across multiple platforms, the SINOPEC gas station IC card system covers extensive areas and exhibits high complexity.

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EIP Solution for Data Acquisition System of Oil Refinery

Large-scale refineries produce fuel and chemical raw materials and the production involves a complete processing technology

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Oil Field Metering Station Control System

Metering station is an important part of oil field. It is responsible for the three-phase metering of the liquid, oil and gas of each well, and provides oil reservoir engineering information for geological authority.

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Well Remote Monitoring System

After employing 3G/GPRS drilling data submit system, through the sensor fixed on the rack, managerial staff can learn about the pressure, voltage, steam temperature of each well, guaranteeing the safety operation of oil wells.

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A Solution to the Fault Recording of Electric Systems

The fault recorder enables operators to handle accidents accurately and rapidly, and is a powerful tool by which they can analyze the nature of faults and make decisions on protective steps.

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SPC-0201 Used in Unmanned Substations

The solution to distant monitoring of unmanned substations helps the maintenance department to further resolve the problems facing them, including efficient maintenance, centralized administration, and distant monitoring.

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SPC-0101 Box PC Used in Transformer Substations

With the developing of electric power industry, the automation degree of electric power equipments is increasing rapidly; communication management system of electric power is playing an important role in automation of transformer substations.

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EIP Solution for Information System Platform of Hydroelectric Plant

EVOC´s industrial PC, as the representative brand in the industrial control field of Mainland China, plays a significant role in the information system of hydroelectric station.

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EIP Solution for Power Plant Automatic Monitoring System

Power industry is the mainstay of the national economy. Electric power is a special commodity that plays a crucial role in the market economy. For this reason, more sophisticated products and equipment are required to guarantee that power plants can

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The Solution of Power Dispatch Automatic System

Nowadays, almost all the power distribution grids at state, network and provincial levels have been equipped with automatic power dispatch system. With such system, power grids of all country are connected.

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