Transportation plays an important part in economic growth and globalization, because better transport allows more trade and a greater spread of people. Economic growth has always been dependent on increasing the capacity and rationality of transportation. It is also a necessity for specialization --- allowing production and consumption of products to occur at different locations. Transportation is performed by various modes, such as air, rail, road, water, cable, pipeline and space. In an integrated traffic system, railways play a leading role with its advantages over other modes of transportation. EVOC’s EIPs (Embedded Intelligent Platforms) designed for railway automatic control include vehicle-mounted communication system, station automatic control system, integrated dispatching system and interval examining & repairing system.

EVOC Box PCs Used in TFDS System

In order to perform real-time fault detection for the moving trains, help train inspection and service points boost fault detection rate, and replace human control with computer-based control, the Trouble of Moving Freight Car Detection

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EVOC PCs Used in Subway TVMs

The development of rail transit improves urban traffic and facilitates the daily commuting for city dwellers. Yet at rush hour, the long queues at ticket counters of subway stations are still a nuisance to passengers. The use of TVM (Tic

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EVOC Highway Tunnel Power Supply and Distribution Monitoring System

The system in this case is a result of EVOC’s intensified R&D efforts and years of design, manufacturing and construction experience in the power automation monitoring industry. This system is developed based on various technical spe

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Passenger Information System(PIS) of Metro

As a safe, comfortable, punctual, environmentally friendly and huge-capacity transportation tool, urban rail transit has been greatly developed. More and more cities have been devoted to building comfortable, convenient, efficient metro

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Highway Overload Detection System

As computer technology grows, a more effective and intelligent overload detection system has come into use. The system automatically calculates, prints out and saves the extra weight records, providing evidence to facilitate legal procee

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EIP Solution for Multimedia Player and Information Monitoring System on Trains

With the rapid development of global information technology, people expect that they can have easy access to any form of information wherever they are.

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Application of EVOC Mini-ITX in TCM

With the rapid economic development, metro as a comfortable, pro-environmental and convenient means of transportation is becoming increasingly popular among city dwellers. The Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System is playing a significa

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Automotive Electronics Solution for Traffic System

Automotive electronics is a fast-growing industry in pace with the increase of car ownership, and the demand for it is ever-increasing. Therefore, it is the right time to develop self-navigation products that can eventually evolve into a

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EIP Solution in Metro Microcomputer Interlocking

Metro, as one of the primary choices of transportation, is composed of different subsystems, for example, Electrical and Mechanical Control System (EMCS), Fire Alarm System (FAS), Fire Extinguishing System (FES), Supervisor Control and Data Acquisiti

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EIP Solution for Highway Toll System

Economic development is catalyzing the construction of expressways. At present, industrial computers are widely applied in modern traffic surveillance system, toll system and customer service centers for intelligent operation.

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