Industrial Automation

Industrial control automation technology is widely used in the detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making in production processes to improve product quality and output, lower cost and ensure safety. Industrial automation system mainly consists of three parts: software, hardware and system. One of the key roles in the system is played by the Industrial PC (IPC), the core of industrial automation equipment and an underlying infrastructure for information industry. Currently, the IPC is a driving force behind the innovation of industrial automation and the development of a wide range of industries.

EIP Solution for Coal Mine Safety Monitoring

The system is required to acquire the parameters that may have impact on coal production safety, such as gas concentration, underground water level, oxygen content, roof pressure and so on, and send them to the coal management center. 

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EVOC JPC-8202 Used in Mobile Emergency Communication and Command System

From Asia to Africa, from Europe to America, disastrous weather has been becoming increasingly common around the globe. Since the beginning of 2011, flood, snow storm, drought and earthquake have occurred one after another and attracted world-wide

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Solution for Kitchen Cabinet Production Line

Germany-based Nobilia Company is one of the largest professional kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the world. With over fifty years of experience and expertise, Nobilia Company is a market leader in the industry. As its business grows, Nobilia, ado

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EVOC HMI Product Used for Remote Industrial Control

With growing demands for industrial field, more and more remote management and decision makers’ involvement are required. This multi-control mode mainly includes field collecting layer, field control layer, local operation layer, and remote manage

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EIP Solution for Industrial DACS

The DACS (Data acquisition and control

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Solution to River Water Quality On-site Monitoring

Environmental industries are more demanding about the monitoring and management of environment information. Moreover, environmental authorities and green organizations are launching an information-based drive, which includes the construction of po

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EIP Solution for Control System of Waterworks

The whole process of tap water production involves: 1) diverting water from water resources; 2) production in waterworks; 3) booster station in the midway of pipeline network; and 4) monitoring pressure at certain points.

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EIP Solution for Testing of Cigarette Packaging

The tobacco industry is a very big part of the world economy, and it creates large tax revenues for the governments as well as many job opportunities. In order to facilitate tracking and controlling product quality, many large tobacco firms are ke

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Well Remote Monitoring System

With the help of data monitoring system of oil wells, managerial staff can learn about the production status of oil wells at any time without going outside. The data of oil wells is transmitted every two hours. Once the oil well gets problems, the

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EIP Solution for CNC Machine Tools

The CNC machine tool using EIP (Embedded Industrial Platform) features wide adaptability. If the object to be machined changes, you just need to change the program. Its machining ability is higher than common automatic machine tool, so that it can

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