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Promote Industrial Upgrading by Focusing on Core Technologies


Foreword and abstract:

“A Barbie doll is sold at ten dollars in the United States. Out of it, only 1 dollar goes to its Chinese producer, or even less……”, the famous economist Lang Xianping put it in 2009 as he analyzed the situation of Chinese industry. The “6+1” industrial chain analysis tells us that the Chinese industrial chain upgrading is imperative. As the industrial fields are based on high technology and high-level of integration, the top priority should be given to R&D and innovation of core technologies.

As a leading embedded and industrial PC manufacturer, EVOC shoulders significant responsibilities. It has launched a series of self-innovated products, and led the drafting of national manufacturing standards for industrial equipment. Each year, EVOC earmarks 10% of its annual revenue for the R&D and innovation of EVOC core technologies. The intelligence, reliability, expansibility and extensive application of the EVOC core technologies are bound to deliver a comprehensive capability upgrade to EVOC partners at all levels, and promote the industrial upgrading. In the light of this, the first stop on 2012 EVOC New Product/Technology/Application Forum was unveiled in Dongguan, Guangdong.

Forum meeting details:

May 25, at Dongguan Exhibition International Hotel, EVOC Intelligent, the leading manufacturer of computing platforms for automation control, held the first session of 2012 EVOC New Product/Technology/Application Forum – Core Technologies, focusing on the theme “Sharing of Core Technologies”. In this top-grade occasion devoted to the automation field, EVOC carried out in-depth discussion and communication with its partners in Dongguan at all levels. More than 500 people attended the forum, including some senior engineers in the embedded field from Beijing. The forum meeting took four hours, and was successfully ended in a lively atmosphere.

At the beginning of the forum meeting, the General Manager of EVOC Guangzhou Branch Mr. Zhang Bengang expressed his thanks to the guests attending the event and delivered the opening speech. In his speech, Mr. Zhang reiterated the purpose and significance of EVOC Core Technologies - 2012 EVOC New Product/Technology/Application Forum, and shared his view on the new opportunities and new challenges presented by combination of industrialization and informatization, cloud computing and Internet of Things. His speech got resonance from many of the guests attending the event. During the Chinese industrial transformation, embedded and intelligent equipment manufacturers have become the most vigorous group of enterprises, because their products and technologies lie in the core for informatization and economic transformation. The reliable and efficient EVOC embedded intelligent systems can provide powerful core competencies for industrial upgrading, meet the ever-changing needs of various industries for automation and intelligentization, and promote the industrial upgrading and restructuring.

On the core technology application forum, EVOC product managers patiently answered the questions and suggestions put forward by the guests, ranging from sharing of EVOC core technologies, demonstration and introduction of reliable host PC systems, to application of EVOC products and solutions for energy, Internet of Things, subway, factory automation, network communication and other fields. The forum also mentioned the application and sharing of technologies of Microsoft, which is also a long term strategic partner of EVOC. Deeply impressed, the guests highly recognized EVOC technologies, as well as new opportunities and new challenges brought by industrial cooperation.

At the forum, Marketing Center Product Manager Mr. Yan Yicheng shared the application cases in which EVOC products are used in subway transportation. Previously, the core technologies for AFC (automatic fare collection) system of Chinese urban subway stations came from overseas, while in recent years, the leading national embedded PC manufacturers including EVOC broke this monopoly with their self-developed and self-innovated core technologies.

As a revolutionary product for the AFC terminal application field, EVOC ERC-1005 is an embedded PC tailored as a terminal equipment master control unit for subway AFC systems. Its system structure deploys modular board + backplane design solution, and Euro-type pin header connection among various modules, so as to ensure a highly reliable operating environment. It also features fanless low power design, chassis made of sheet metal + Al-alloy, small form factor, compact structure, excellent heat dissipation, multiple connectors, good expansibility and easy maintenance, as well as excellent dustproof and anti-vibration performance.

EVOC ERC-1005 has been widely used in subway transportation systems across China, such as Beijing Line 4, Line 10, Line 13, Olympic Branch Line, Daxing Line, AFC systems of Olympic Stadium; Shanghai Line 3, Line 6, Line 7, Line 9, Line 10, Line 11, Line 1 extension; as well as major subway lines in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Shenyang, and other cities.

With thorough technological analysis, vivid case sharing, abundant practical experience, EVOC people carried out in-depth demonstration on the core technologies of embedded intelligent platforms (system), and shared with the guests the cutting-edge mainstream embedded intelligent products and technologies.

The next stop for Core Technologies - 2012 EVOC New Product/Technology/Application Forum will be unveiled in June, Luoyang, central China. Your participation will be sincerely welcomed and appreciated.