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EVOC Wins 2011 Electronic Information Science and Technology Award


April 18, 50th Anniversary Conference of Chinese Institute of Electronics was held in Wanshou Hotel in Beijing. A galaxy of leaders attended the conference, including Mr. Miao Xu, Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Chen Xi, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of China Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Wang Xudong, former Minister of Ministry of Information Industry and Mr. Lou Qinjian, President of Chinese Institute of Electronics.

After careful selection of Judging Committee of Chinese Institute of Electronics, the project titled Key Technology Research and Application of Rugged Portable PC won the 2011 Electronic Information Science and Technology Award. The project is submitted by EVOC Intelligent, one of the world’s leading embedded PC manufacturers.

The research and application of the technology contained in this project signifies that China has developed rugged portable PCs with independent intellectual property right. The project has improved China’s technology level concerning key technology in the development of rugged portable PCs, and will also lead the trend in future. Because rugged portable PC lies in the core of industrial automation equipment, basic equipment of information industry and equipment for national defense informatization, the research and application involved in this project will energetically promote the informatization of national infrastructure and national defense, and replace the similar imported products, so as to protect information safety of various industries which have vital bearing on people´s livelihood. The products concerned in this project have been used in wide range of applications which demand portability, high level of security and confidentiality, and adaptability to harsh and hostile environments, including communication support, equipment testing, battlefield command, data acquisition, remote medical care, exploration and mapping, onsite rescue, public security and armed police, army for national defence and government office.

At the conference, the wonderful speech of Mr. Li Deyi, an academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, mentioned two most cherished awards: Turing Award and Xiangnong Award, earnestly hoping that the enterprise members of Chinese Institute of Electronics, which are most influential entities in the Chinese electronics field, will stick to their commitment to scientific research and self-innovation.