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HR view of the Company

EVOC has always maintained its core competitiveness in the environment of fierce competition for human resource. One of the important factors for our success is this: EVOC holds that human resource is the foundation for enterprise development. In view of this principle, EVOC HR has been devoted to creating a fair and just people-oriented system, and strived to provide a career development space for the employees. EVOC builds a career and personal development platform for the employees to realize their life values. It is the greatest wealth which EVOC can give its employees.

At EVOC, through multi-level, multi-angle training courses, we provide a comprehensive theoretical learning platform for our employees. We provide our employees with career development paths and create room for them to grow. There are four promotion channels for the employees: technical channel, expertise channel, sales channel and management channel. Through an internal position competition and position shift system, the employees can get promoted or change their positions. The employees are encouraged to change their career path, to have a larger individual development space. The HR policy of EVOC makes it a coveted place for excellent job seekers. We choose employees with both talent and morality, and the first priority is the latter. EVOC’s recruitment prerequisites are honesty, professional ethics, as well as knowledge, skill, experience and capability required to fulfill job responsibilities. “Morality” is one of the typical EVOC characteristics, which means honesty, self-confidence, and etc. We believe that only those who have both talent and morality can bring their talent into full play.